Modernization of warehouse at ČSAD Uherské Hradiště a.s. with AC WMS and Dynamics 365

AC WMS on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform helps to optimize warehouse processes and reduces the error rate of warehouse operations. This is now an essential part of ČSAD Uherské Hradiště a.s.

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Connecting a new e-shop with ERP for Pumpa - a pump manufacturer

The objective of the project was to modernize the Pumpa company e-shop by using Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sitecore Experience Platform to make it more user-friendly.

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Migration of 12,500 users of Česká spořitelna Bank to the Microsoft 365 platform

We designed and implemented a comprehensive transformation project for Česká Spořitelna. The entire bank and all 12,500 users were migrated to the Microsoft 365 environment.

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Migration of FISCHER travel agency data to the data centre

Thanks to the portfolio of DataSpring services, the FISCHER group increased the guarantee of availability of information systems.

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HAVEL & PARTNERS manage marketing and sales using ACtive CRM and Power Apps


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Faster and More Secure Access to Computers and Applications at Hospital Jihlava

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) help increase the efficiency of medical staff and simplify and speed up logging on shared computers.

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Renewal of central disk storage for Slovak Shipping and Ports

The project aimed to increase the storage capacity of the disk array and reduce operating costs.

The Central Slovak Water Supply uses artificial intelligence to solve cyber threats

The Central Slovak Water Supply Company uses artificial intelligence with IBM QRadar technologies to solve cyber threats.

Comprehensive ERP solution for Automobilist with Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS

The main goal was to find a system that would grow as the company does and process all company agendas from purchasing and warehousing through logistics and accounting to sales through various channels.

Deployment of Alvao Service Desk and Asset Management in the cloud of the Vysocina region

The Vysocina Region has decided to expand the Technology Center of the Vysocina Region services. The region acquired an application for requirements management and management through workflow, evidence and IT assets monitoring.

Comprehensive camera security of the area for the hospital in Jihlava

Surveillance technologies are nowadays crucial in healthcare. The camera system significantly increases the safety and comfort of patients, visitors and staff.

Citizen portal for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

It is the beginning of the digital transformation of public administration, where end-users can access the state's electronic services from anywhere, anytime.

Security and remote administration of thousands of mobile facilities at the Census 2021

As part of the Census 2021, AUTOCONT also implemented part of the central control of the commissioners' devices as a service. IBM MaaS360 technology was used to manage and secure 10 000 devices.

Cloud solution S/4 HANA for Marvinpac

Within the S/4 HANA project, we participated in a cloud and implementation solution in which all processes will take one place.

System development for CGM MEDISTAR

DataSpring has procured and developed all technological security for the CGM MEDISTAR system operation. It is an innovative step in e-health, which will support medical clinics in the Czech Republic.

Case study

Information system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Moravia Consulting

Thanks to the standardization of processes, the new version will bring transparency, as well as easier implementation of modern IT technologies in the future. 

Case study

Secure manipulation with sensitive data of the Ostrava City Authority

The Ostrava City Authority has acquired a tool that allows users to control the work of employees who work with sensitive documents and can therefore prevent unwanted or wanted leaks.

HB Reavis, international workspace provider, uses Dynamics 365 Finance

The continuous building of large projects requires the coordination and connection of many entities - and technologies can significantly help in this process. Read how HB Reavis uses the Dynamics 365 information system.   

Case study

Delivery of IBM technologies for Tatra banka Central Banking Systems

In 2018, the delivery of 4x IBM Power S924 servers with Power9 processors for Midas, Globus and DWH banks. In 2019, cooperation in performing performance tests of disk arrays. Subsequent delivery and implementation.

Installation and implementation of servers and communication infrastructure in Mondi a.s.

AUTOCONT has delivered a comprehensive system solution for managing privileged user accounts, root accounts and super-user accounts based on the Red Hat Ansible Tower solution.

Delivery of server infrastructure and ICT equipment for the Mountain Rescue Service

Delivery of server infrastructure and ICT equipment within the project Purchase, installation and innovation of automatic meteorological stations (AMS), including delivery of software (SW) and hardware (HW).

Outsourcing of IT equipment support services at ČSOB

Contract for the provision of IT equipment support services at the head office and branches of the bank, ČSOB poisťovna and ČSOB leasing. The customer has thus secured services for its more than 2,500 users.

The HQS system is a pillar of success for the best KIA factory in the world

The main task and benefit of the HQS system is to assign the right employee to the right job position and its effective rotation taking into account the actual work skills and other parameters.

Services outsourcing for Philip Morris

Support of end devices based on the client's requirements, proactive control of the device's functionality and solution of possible problems, hardware installation, performing security checks, and appropriate corrections.

Outtasking - local IT support for Slovenský plynárenský priemysel

Services provision includes a central helpdesk, local support for users' end-devices at the level of HW, OS and office SW, third-party SW, and anti-virus programs.

Delivery of computer equipment for the Government Office of the Slovak Republic

Delivery realization and installation of a central data center's comprehensive infrastructure, consisting of servers, storage devices, and software equipment for the virtual environment realization, its monitoring and backup.

Outsourcing of reprographic services for the Agricultural Paying Agency

The service includes the comprehensive provision of reprographic and printing services for PPA and its regional offices, including the supply and rental of color and black-and-white multifunction devices.

Computer equipment supply for the Slovak Center of Scientific and Technical Information

Comprehensive supply of computer technology: disk array, network switch - basic configuration, advanced configuration, firewall with security software, communication node, and licenses for operating systems/devices.

Žilina Municipal Office services digitization

Electronic services have brought equal access to services for every citizen and created the conditions for improving the business environment.

Disk array renewal project for LESY SR š.p.

Hardware recovery for data storage and shortening the recovery point objective (RPO) to 0 using synchronous replication.

Automated migration in the banking environment for National Bank of Slovakia

The Windows 7 operating system was deployed through efficient migration throughout the IT infrastructure (instead of Windows XP with ending support), and user profiles, data, and client applications were migrated.

Out of warranty copiers repairs for the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic

The provision of post-warranty repair services for Ricoh, Toshiba, Canon, and LANIER copiers and the supply of spare parts throughout the Slovak Republic based on the "Out of warranty service support for photocopiers agreement."

Outsourcing of end-devices for ING Životná poisťovňa

Provision of services that include complete management of users' end-devices at the OS level, office, insurance software, anti-virus programs, service support for printers and local LAN / WAN networks.

New virtual infrastructure with VMware vSphere and NetApp in DHL

AutoCont implemented a completely new infrastructure at DHL using the VMware vSphere virtualization platform and NetApp disk arrays in two locations.

Recovery of value-added infrastructure for NAFTA a.s.

The project focused on maintaining the benefits of virtual infrastructure with requirements for increased availability of the solution at a reasonable financial cost. VMware vSphere and HP disk storage were used for the project.

Delivery of computer equipment and licenses for Kia Motors Slovakia

Delivery of servers, computers, backup devices, information kiosks, and ESET security software. Provision of licensing advice and delivery of software licenses in the Microsoft Select Plus program.

Delivery of SW licenses for Slovenská pošta, a.s.

Realization of the delivery of software licenses in the Microsoft Select Plus program and related support services and ESET security software after the provision of licensing advice and expert consultation.

Increasing the availability of IT services and data security in Košice

Reconstruction of structured cabling, low voltage distribution, a supply of Cisco switches, SFP modules for network management, increasing IT services security and availability, managing active LAN elements, and end devices.

Delivery of a disk array for Slovenská plavba a přístavy a.s.

Delivery of an IBM Storwize V3700 disk array that supports automatic data migration between different types of disks (SSD and HDD) using IBM Easy Tier technology.

Registration and asset management for the Slovak rescue medical service center

After an all inputs analysis, AutoCont offered the ALVAO system solution, which works well with the Microsoft platform, which significantly simplifies administrative work, prevents duplication, and saves technicians time.

Deltabeam Slovakia manages production using Microsoft Dynamics AX

Managing the custom production of anchoring systems and special beams for reinforced constructions using the Microsoft Dynamics AX system.

Building an environment on the VMware ESX virtual platform for ThyssenKrupp Ferostav

Virtualization based on VMware products, building a primary data center without the server environment being tied to physical hardware, increasing the availability of servers and services, and consolidating backup.

Deployment of VMware ESX in the company Thermal park Bešeňová

AutoCont implemented VMware products, which created a secure environment for the company's information system, emphasizing central administration, and easy scalability.

Supplies of office equipment and consumer material for Slovenská sporiteľňa

Since 2003, AutoCont realizes shredding equipment, projectors, and consumer material such as ribbons for dot matrix printers and backup data tapes supplies for Slovenská sporiteľňa.

Notebooks supplies for Red Bull

From 2011 till now, AutoCont realizes Lenovo notebooks delivery for Red Bull Slovakia and Red Bull Czech Republic. The contract includes small installations and Lenovo notebooks and HP copiers service. 

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