Basic service description

Storage is a cloud storage service combined with other DataSpring cloud services. The Data store capacity is offered in 3 pre-defined variants, which cover the usual needs of the customer.

The Storage service is intended for use in combination with other DataSpring services, such as Virtual Server, Resource Pool, Bare metal, LogDock Advanced, DBaaS MS SQL, or DBaaS OpenDB. The customer chooses the size of storage capacity and selects one or a combination of the service variants offered. The service variants are SSD, SAS and SATA. These differ in the technology used and thus in power (see the table). With the Resource Pool service, the provider reserves the right to extend the storage size by 15% to the required capacity for service purposes. This service capacity is not charged to the customer and must not be occupied by the customer. The service is charged on a monthly basis, according to the ordered space in GB on data stores and selected variants.

Related services

A necessary condition for using the Storage service is the purchase of the following related services:

  • VDC Connect or VDC Connect Plus - virtual network environment
  • Service related to the need for the Storage service (Resource Pool, Virtual Server, etc.)

Related services are described in separate service descriptions and are charged separately.

Service variants

Changes in storage capacity

Due to the general functioning of operating systems, it is common practice that increasing storage capacity can be done during operation. Conversely, if a reduction is required, you must migrate to another smaller storage area. The provider must migrate the virtual server if the customer requests a reduction in storage capacity. This migration is charged a one-time fee for each type of service affected by the resource reduction (Virtual Server - 1 VM, Resource Pool - 1 RP).

Quality and performance parameters of the service (SLA)

The service is offered in 3 SLA levels. Storage is always provided automatically at the same SLA level as the primary service that Storage uses. Parameters valid for each level are shown in the table below. Explanations of individual parameters and penalties for their violation are provided in the DataSpring SLA document, which can be found at

Responsibilities of the provider and customer

Provider’s responsibilities

  • Error-free data storage and reading functions
  • 24/7 operation and management of SW and HW resources necessary to ensure the running of the service in the required quality and availability
  • Ensuring adequate capacity for reliable service operation
  • 24/7 service monitoring and functionality supervision

Customer’s responsibilities

  • Management and maintenance of data in allocated storage space
  • Content, data handling, and data integrity
  • Backup of data stored

Service billing

The service is charged on a monthly basis, according to the ordered space in GB on data stores and selected variants.


  • Possibility of increasing and reducing disk capacity according to technical feasibility
  • Possibility of combination of service variants
  • Transfer of costs from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Using service volumes, according to the current customer needs
  • There is no need for technology operation
  • High service reliability, thanks to the use of professional technologies
  • Data is stored securely in the Czech Republic
  • Service Desk and local technical support in Czech and English

Cílová skupina

The service is intended for companies and organizations with at least one DataSpring cloud service that uses data storage.

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