Virtual Server VMware

Cloud service providing virtual server with scalable computing performance as required by the company or organization. 

Basic service description

The service allows you to quickly create and subsequently run a large number of virtual servers. These servers then run on the VMware virtualization platform. The provider offers the possibility to use licensed operating systems (MS Windows Server, Red Hat, CentOS) and the database software MS SQL Enterprise on the created servers. To achieve optimal cost levels whilst respecting the importance of the operated systems, the provider offers the service in three levels of SLA.

The service consists of computing power provided by the parameters vCPU and RAM, the amount of which is defined by the customer. The computing power should match the complexity of the task that the virtual server needs to perform. The customer also chooses the required virtual server environment. After the provider has set up virtual servers, the customer receives access to the ordered virtual server, which they manage themselves. The service is billed on a monthly basis, according to the ordered computing resources and environment.

Related services

The purchase of these related services is a condition for using VMware Virtual Server:

  • VDC Connect or VDC Connect Plus - virtual network environment
  • storage - storage capacity for software and data in a virtual server

Related services are described in separate service descriptions and are billed separately.

Choice of environment

The customer can choose one of the 4 environments below for each virtual server. Each of these environments is optimized for the corresponding software. The first three environments are designed exclusively for the operating systems and software listed below. The customer can use the last environment to install other (primarily Open Source) operating systems, such as Linux-based operating systems. At the customer's request, the provider will pre-install the software listed below. For all software installed beyond the pre-installed software, the customer is fully responsible for compliance with the manufacturer's license terms. Other licensed configurations are only possible by agreement. The customer can consult with the provider at any time about their needs in the area of operating systems and other virtual server software.

Of course, the customer can use multiple environments simultaneously. They can also change the number of computing resources and the number of virtual servers at any time. The customer makes change requests using the service portal.

Service performance

The standard frequency of 1 vCPU is 580 MHz, resp. 800 MHz in the case of an environment for Virtual Server with MS Windows Server and MS SQL Enterprise. This vCPU performance is shared among multiple customers, with the provider continuously optimizing the environment so that all physical processors are comparably busy over time. By selecting an appropriate SLA, the customer has the option to reserve vCPU performance only for their virtual servers up to 25% of the vCPU frequency. RAM is allocated in the ordered range, it is not shared between customers.

Quality and performance parameters of the service (SLA)

The service is offered in 3 SLA levels. Parameters valid for each level are shown in the table below. Explanations of individual parameters and penalties for their violation are in the DataSpring SLA document, which can be found at

The reserved vCPU performance indicates how much of the vCPU performance is guaranteed to the customer. Reserved power is calculated from the vCPU frequency. The part corresponding to the reserved capacity of the vCPU is always available to the customer, regardless of other customers using the service.

Responsibilities of the Customer and Provider

Provider’s responsibilities

  • operation and management of physical computing resources and VMware virtualization platform
  • planning and ensuring sufficient capacity to ensure the running of the service in the required quality and availability
  • pre-installation of the operating system at the customer's request
  • ensuring the correct license for preinstalled operating systems
  • service availability is measured when the status of the virtual server is “Power On / Running”, compared to total operating time of the service. The time for which the virtual server is switched off (Power Off, Suspend, Reset) by the customer's intervention is not counted as a service failure.
  • 24/7 service monitoring and functionality supervision

Customer’s responsibilities

  • all software and data beyond the pre-installed operating system, including compliance with the licence conditions
  • data backup and recovery
  • subsequent operation, management, and troubleshooting of the pre-installed operating system

Billing service

The service is charged for the number of vCPUs and the size of RAM (GB) corresponding to the size of the required virtual server, including a possible surcharge for SLA above the Bronze level.


  • flexibility - a flexible change in computing power
  • pre-installed operating system
  • choice of virtualization platform
  • running a service from a highly secure modern TIER III data centre
  • transfer of costs from CAPEX to OPEX
  • there is no need to worry about operating the technologies
  • high service reliability due to a robust environment
  • service Desk and local technical support in Czech and English

Cílová skupina

The service is intended for companies and organizations of all sizes and in all business fields.

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