ACtive Service Desk

Customer service is a tough discipline, with plenty of space for optimisation.

Customer service management

At the shoes of a customer, everybody expects excellence. Responsiveness, accuracy and quality are easily percepted, but hardly delivered. Trust is hard to build, but easy to loose. But SLAs can be achieved, and resources can be managed with the right tools and processes in place. And the right mindset.

ACtive ServiceDesk provides effective management of customer departments, service requests and field work. Provides daily agenda, fieldwork and information sharing across the company.

It covers the entire process of solving service requests, from their creation, through implementation management, including capacity planning, to successful closure.

Satisfied customers

Agreement managemet
Multi level SLA allow you to easily adjust your service for every customer. Two-level structure of service contracts adds the flexibility you need. Process configuration at the agreement level assures you have your activities under control. Entitlements offer definition of SLAs and OLAs so that you can measure and optimize.

Bidirectional integration with Microsoft Exchange allows you to plan your service technicians and resource pools directly from both Outlook. Allocation tracking is easier than before as bookings are available both in Outlook calendar and Schedule Board (ACTIVE Service desk).

Process manager
You can use predefined set of business processes connected with business process flows, dynamically for a specific department or for a specific agreement. This will help you to manage your departments and your customers individually.

Asset and customer management under control

Asset management
Take control of the life cycle asset management and the register of all assets. Assets can be linked to warehouses of locations, so you can manage the transfer process between them. Advanced security management for warehouses and assets together with advanced role definition assure appropriate control.

Preventive maintenance
The system monitors the maintanence invervals and times. It automatically generates periodic Case and Work Order records to fulfill preventive maintanence needs. Moreover, it creates automatic bookings according to (working) entlitlement calendar setting. Dynamic name and description creation is a must!

Notification manager
Notification manager helps to remember everything. It reminds you, your team or your customers. User friendly settings are available for different events. Configure conditions, dynamic messages creation, time periodicity and much more! Send an email or an SMS immediately or after a specific pre-defined time.

Information for fast communication

Portal and simplified mobile app
User-friendly multilanguage portal will guide everybody through the whole process. To create a new Case using the service catalogue, pair it with entitlements and monitor their current state. History tracks the communication. Simplified mobile app with no need for difficult processes. Just scan the service protocol, ask your customer for signature and upload it to the system.

After hour service
You can configure the standby level variably. After Hour Service covers L1 support outside working hours (24x7), definition of stanby times and expertness users who are on alert. It ensures an automatic creation of bookings. You can define After Hour Service for a specific department or just for a specific agreement. The solution is connected to the Notification manager.

Easy communication not just with your customers but with other service desks can be easily configured using E-response in combination with the Notification manager. To reach Siebel, ServiceNow, LiveAgent and many more is not a problem at all! E-response ensures reading of data from structured emails and copying this data into records in the system.

Technologies bring a lot of options

ACTIVE Service Desk is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer oriented products: Customer Service and Field Service. These applications provide the foundation which is greatly enriched using our experience from more than two decades of building enterprise applications for our customers.​

Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with latest technologies, such as Cognitive Services or Microsoft HoloLens, create room for improvements and competitive advantage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is build on a platform which can easily enhance and automate workflows. Microsoft PowerPlatform, together with Microsoft 365, and even Microsoft Teams, offer an invaluable potential.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is geared towards customers. Thanks to the complementary application stack nearly all of the customers needs can be covered, focusing only on what is important.


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  • An online system accessible from anywhere from any device
  • Native and user configurable reporting
  • Standardization of service processes based on ITIL
  • Easy management of service requests
  • Save time and increase the efficiency of the service team
  • Field service support thanks to the mobile application
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Possibility of modification and expansion according to customer needs
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook
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