ACtive CRM

Support the business team with an effective online CRM system.

ACtive CRM

ACtive CRM ensures effective management of the business team, business opportunities and their priorities. It covers everyday agendas, field work, offers work directly from Outlook and information sharing across the company. It covers the entire business process, from identifying potential interest to successful closure of an opportunity.

ACtive CRM is a customer relationship management tool, including managing and maintaining a contact database and contact communication history. It covers the entire business process, from identifying potential interest to successful closure of an opportunity. Customizable and clear dashboards provide an immediate overview of business opportunities and the workload of the business team.

Contacts and Activity management

Thanks to ACtive CRM you can have all sorts of relevant business information in one place. Due to use of duplicity detection rules you don’t have to worry about creating messy database. You can also use company hierarchy visualisation which provides you with a quick and easy to digest information about relationships in company.

The history of activities is available directly at the business relationship and provides you with an immediate overview and historical records of the entire communication.

Appointments and activities are available in both the ACtive CRM calendar and the Outlook calendar.
Monitoring the workload of the business team and the activities carried out in a given business relationship is easier than ever.

The registration system is created in accordance with the GDPR legislation and allows the user to register individual rights to process specific personal data.
ACtive CRM intuitively alerts you to the registration of unauthorized information and easily allows you to add the appropriate legal reason. Fast export of registered information or dynamic anonymization are an integral part of the solution

Business process

Thanks to ACtive CRM, you will receive an overview of potential customers and the course of individual business opportunities. With optimized forms and standardized processes and procedures, you'll know how your sales team is doing and what your business "pipeline" is for the next period.

For each business relationship there is a graphical overview of opportunities and related activities. Quickly determine estimated opportunity revenue, update the business process phase, or estimate the likelihood of winning new orders with a single click.

ACtive CRM allows you to set target revenues for a selected period of time per specific trader, provides real-time information on meeting goals, and also on the performance of the entire sales team.

The system displays dashboards and all data in clear interactive graphs, which are the basis for managing all business activities.

Easy expansion options

ACtive CRM is built on the Microsoft PowerPlatform, thanks to which you can easily extend the solution and automate workflows, or supplement them with other tools Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Thanks to the modularity of individual applications and their focus, customers.


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  • Easy implementation
  • Extensible as needed
  • Intuitive cloud CRM
  • Connestion with Microsoft Outlook
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