Networking and communication

Here we find everything that connects the company’s computers or with the outside world, including supporting communication and collaborating between people.

The company’s LAN (Local Area Network) is the hub of all computers. It can be built on cables, wireless (WI-FI), or a combination of both methods. It is often necessary to connect individual users to the company network and all of its offices in different cities. Another necessity is to connect the company to the Internet.

This area includes the services required to build or migrate the organization’s directory structure, its email and archives, a tool for group collaboration and document sharing, voice services, and systems for audio and video conferencing – all for the benefit of greater work productivity.

Switching, routing, Wi-Fi

We offer network access - switching, routing and Wi-Fi. Thanks to our experience with constructing networks, we can help you choose the right product and design. Our certified experts will then execute the network implementation and configuration.

Branch office connection

AUTOCONT also provides branch offices connection and remote access. To provide service quality and coded mechanisms, we install appropriate routers, firewalls, and, if needed, "WAN accelerators." 

Conferencing systems

We also focus on telephony and conferencing systems that help to simplify communication. It helps to evaluate the statistics, and in the field of "unified communication," properties as attendance, short text messages (MSN), data sharing, and video conferences are offered.

Active Directory

Directory services are the basics for the data evidence about the users and help to ensure single sign-on. We offer implementation and migration of directory services, and the most common is Microsoft Active Directory. Our specialists are also able to implement email systems. They provide consultation and implementation for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office 365, or Kerio Connect.

Accessing and sharing data

AUTOCONT also provides safe solutions for accessing and sharing data. Access can be managed centrally, and it is possible to determine who will work with the data.

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