Hardware and software supply

We use our strong position with suppliers to benefit our customers and offer financing services for deliveries. We have an extensive network of branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and we provide certified warranty and post-warranty service. Thanks to our certified and experienced specialists, we offer expert software licensing consultation and support.

Product catalog

AUTOCONT offers a product catalog together with a price-list and B2B site. We are also a crucial partner of worldwide manufacturers and suppliers of products and technologies. Thanks to our business results, we are proud owners of a line of prestigious company certifications.

Warranty service, licencing consultacy

Together with the HW and SW supply, we also provide an authorized warranty and post-warranty service. In licensing consultancy and support, AUTOCONT is a long-term leader for large and medium-sized businesses, central and local government administration, and schools.

Personal computers

The brand PC AUTOCONT used to be famous and dominated the Czech personal computer market. Now, computers are no longer the center of our business. However, we still generate them for companies and organizations in a wide range and a significant quantity.

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