Data center and virtualization

Our servers and data storage are located in the data center. It safeguards the essential functions of the company. The information system, electronic mail, internet connection, websites, etc. are all dependent on it. All shared files and databases are stored here. Smaller organizations can make do with a separate, air-conditioned room where the servers are located. In contrast, bigger ones need more – reliable power and cooling, fire protection systems, secure access, and remote communication. The virtualization, consolidation, and optimization of servers and data storage have radically changed the structure of the data center in recent years.

Server virtualization and consolidation

AUTOCONT offers in the field of server virtualization and consolidation. Server virtualization is a vital element of the infrastructure that helps increase a hardware server’s use and reduce purchasing costs. Consolidation aims to save costs for the purchase and operation of the server environment in the IT infrastructure.

Hybrid data storage, All Flash

With the growing requirements for data storage performance, we mostly configure the “hybrid” data storage. Part of the capacity is left on the disk storage, and for the high performance is used one of the Flash technologies. The most performing data storage is AllFlash.

Hyperconverged infrastructure, SDS

The Software-Defined Storage and Hyperconverged system’s principle is to build the disk capacity on the disks located right in the servers. SDS can be easily imaged as several classic 1U or 2U servers packed with disks. Hyperconverged systems go a little further and on the servers, where the disks for achieving the required capacity of the data storage layer are located, also runs the server virtualization.

Backup, UPS, non-IT

We also provide backup and storage solutions, UPS solutions, and non-IT technologies of DC to prevent unavailability of services caused by failing with providing vital functions such as electricity, air conditioning, fire protection, physical safety, and data center monitoring.

Networking DC / SDN, Loadbalancing

AUTOCONT also offers in the field of Networking DC / SDN and Loadbalancing. We also focus on the high availability and disaster recovery of DC to minimize the system and service failures. This solution could ensure the company’s operation when there is a fire or another natural disaster.

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