Completely secured in the cloud

The story we will next inspire you with is from the logistics, domestic and international distribution sector.

The company has been operating in the Czech market for many years, with more than 500 employees and a large storage area, it develops logistics concepts that are tailored to their customers.

How and why it all started

The customer needed to increase the stability of the operation of IT systems, gain more flexibility associated with the growth of the branch network, and free up their IT department for the management of higher layers of systems. They decided to move to a virtual concept of data centre operation – and thus change the approach to infrastructure operation. Ensuring a high level of communication and data security played a very important role in discussions with the customer when considering the transition to the cloud.

The customer’s objective and what influenced their choice

The obsolete physical servers (where all corporate applications were running) were more than just a warning signal to change to a new concept. It was important to find a solution with high security standards and similar financial costs to the previous supplier. In the end, the availability of the necessary technologies, the proposed SLA, and the service price, proved decisive factors for choosing DataSpring’s solutions.

How the service was deployed

The first step was to move applications from physical servers to the DataSpring cloud environment. This reduced the load on the lines in the central location and ensured the operation of the infrastructure in the data centre with Tier III certification. The next step was to change the original WAN network to MPLS technology, with a central Firewall with UTM functions, which ensures easier management of security policies and faster rollup of the branch network. Other functionalities, such as IPS and web filtering, increase the security of users' access to the external environment. The transition to supported VPN connection platforms has also proved to be successful, the original open VPNs were complicated and a source of frequent errors. The central internet access point provides DDoS protection in the entire perimeter.

Customer experience, service benefits

The implementation of the project would not have been possible without active cooperation from the customer's employees. The transition from the old infrastructure to the new one took place smoothly, with no impact on the company's business. There was an increase in the stability and economic efficiency of the operation of IT systems, and greater flexibility in increasing capacity as the network grew. Another benefit was the acquisition of the security standards that are required of companies under GDPR regulation. Among the services provided by DataSpring was the collection of data from devices on the client's side. After analysis of this, DataSpring attempts to avoid the exposed problems and potential threats from the internal network environment.

The DataSpring service the customer uses

VDC Connect is a cloud service that provides a logically isolated network environment, within which the customer uses other services of the provider. It is a highly configurable virtual network environment, including a firewall with security of internal and external network communication, VPN solution for connecting other parts of IT, and operational and security logs.

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