AutoCont has been successful in the Czech market of information and communication technology for more than twenty years. This has resulted from, among other factors, the fact that the company has for a long time been building on the following five basic values:

AutoCont - basic values

We not only recruit of our future staff based on these values but also require our employees to apply them in their everyday working lives. This is for the reason that we know that if everyone in AutoCont fulfils these values, we will always be a supplier for our customers who will bring them useful solutions, with which they will be satisfied and to which they will return.

This is also the reason why we, to expand our staff, are looking for professionals who know their “crafts” 100% and have the ambition to constantly educate themselves and grow. We are looking for personnel who can find solutions and not reasons why something is impossible.

We support talent development as much as possible; and not only in financial terms. Our staff participate in international conferences, are awarded the highest IT certificates, and complete various training courses.

In addition, we know that man cannot live by bread alone. We also know that when people get to know one another out of the office, the rate of their cooperation will increase. Therefore, we annually arrange social events, teambuilding exercises, company sports tournaments and take part in sporting competitions with other IT companies (squash tournaments, triathlons, dragon boat races, etc.)

In AutoCont, we are true to ourselves – when we are working, we are working, and when we are enjoying ourselves, we are enjoying ourselves.