Values and Mission

AutoCont‘s Mission

We introduce and operate useful information technologies in organisations.

Not only the project implementation itself but also the very beginning and a correct definition of the project is crucial for its benefits. The manner of subsequent operation and use of the particular information system is important as well. All these factors are crucial for us and we submit our business and implementation procedures to them.

AutoCont‘s Objective

First-choice IT professional

We would like to be the first choice for any customer who is considering an investment in information systems. We work in a way that every customer calls AutoCont for cooperation and gives us a chance to offer our solutions and services. In addition, we would like to be the first choice for those who are planning their professional careers in the sphere of ICT.

AutoCont‘s Values

  • Professionalism
  • Ambition and an appetite for winning
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Team cooperation