Complete Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

The goal of the IT service complete outsourcing implementation is to provide an IT support in the fullest extent according to the current requirements of the customer, and the only responsibility of the customer is to specify his requirements in this sphere. The basic benefit is the professional care covering the whole sphere of IT services, which dynamically adapts to business needs both in terms of the extent and quality, including related costs.

Within complete outsourcing we provide the following:

  • Complete Service Desk service – it is the only contact point for users where any requirements are received, including all communication with end users, monitoring of handling requirements and incidents, showing the quality of services provided by the monitoring of end-user satisfaction
  • Terminal device outsourcing – a complete care for personal and portable computers, including software installed on them, printers and other peripheral devices
  • Server administration outsourcing, including the operation of applications running on them and their continual monitoring
  • Communication infrastructure administration (WAN, LAN) outsourcing, including continual monitoring
  • Control of provision and development of all IT services depending on the customer needs and business strategy based on process platform ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

The benefits include, in particular, the following:

  • Possibility of taking over a property or human resources by AutoCont to favourably affect the customer‘s cash-flow
  • Optimising the costs for IT operation and making them transparent, including a possibility of planning them
  • Guaranteeing quality characteristics of IT services such as accessibility, maximum outage time, response time, etc.
  • Providing an accurate view of the quality of services provided and a possibility of controlling them according to business needs
  • Delivering a necessary know-how in the process and technology spheres
  • Reducing costs by implementing tools to increase the efficiency of the provision of IT services.