The more organizations depend on their data, the more serious the question of security is. The basis of physical security is preventing the intrusion of unauthorized persons. It is also necessary to safeguard external communication routes against viruses, spam and other technological attacks.

The weakest element in security systems is not always mankind. Systems that protect data against leakage or theft, that manage identity and comprehensive systems for managing security events are therefore an important tool. Our consulting services in the field of IT security include analyses and audits, establishing the correct processes and procedures, and the overall security strategy of the organization.

AutoCont offers in this field:

  • Protecting data against leakage or theft
  • Protecting and managing user identities
  • Protecting applications and databases
  • Security for terminal equipment
  • Network security and Internet connection
  • Security for people and buildings
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security Oversight Center (SOC)