Specialized Divisions

ITI – IT Infrastructure Division

The scope of IT infrastructure is very wide. From cables buried underground and backup diesel generators to supply electric current in case of an outage through a construction of data centres, communication infrastructure and client environment configuration to providing IT security and monitoring. It ends with user training and legal analyses to find whether customer information systems meet all statutory requirements.

However, not every customer needs and uses all these technologies and services. It depends on the size of the company, its focus and, in particular, the task being currently solved. However, the important thing is that whatever you need in this sphere, we can arrange it. And we can arrange it effectively everywhere – due to the network of regional sales centres and specialized technical centres in particular.

ITSM – Outsourcing Division

The Outsourcing Division is focused in particular on providing services concerning the operation of IT infrastructure and applications in large companies. The goal of the implementation of IT service outsourcing is to provide IT support to the fullest extent depending on current customer requirements. The only responsibility of the customer is to specify his requirements in this sphere. We can also provide outsourcing services in a very complete manner, including a takeover of property and personnel.

PAS – Division of Business Applications

For enterprises and state administration we deliver information systems to control financial, human and material resources (ERP systems), managerial information systems, specialized operating information systems for the sectors of manufacture, trade, service, provision of services, forestry, health service, spa industry, supplies of investment units, building management, publishing and project management. In addition, we are focused on the sphere of personnel and wage information systems, webs and company web portals as well as document life cycle creation and administration systems. We build our solutions on the platforms of the company Microsoft – Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, including Nintex, Project and Project Server.

ESA - Division of Enterprise Solutions and Applications

The ESA Division is focused on document administration and software development:

Content Management
In the sphere of content management, we provide entire services for document administration, digitalisation, subsequent data retrieval and storage. Our customers are particularly large companies, corporations and large state or public administration organisations. In addition, our services are used by many other companies having specific requirements for their systems in the sphere of document administration and circulation. The solutions we supply are based on the technologies of IBM, Kofax, Adobe, Microsoft and Nintex.

Software Development
For the Company, software development means a construction of a particular solution for a particular client – in particular a large company or state administration. We are especially successful where the purchase of a standard existing product is not sufficient. Due to the extensive technological know-how of our staff, we can implement very diverse projects. Our portfolio notably includes the development of applications, information portals, integration projects and searching systems.

System Integration

Most company customers and customers from the sphere of state or public administration are not currently interested in single information technologies or systems. On the contrary, they logically expect a supply of solutions to support their businesses or the operation of state or public administration.

While implementing those solutions, it is usually necessary to build or connect more information systems, technologies and suppliers as well as to connect them together into an operating whole for which the system integrator will be responsible to the customer. In AutoCont, we have ambition, skill and experience to meet this role for customers and other suppliers.