Social Responsibility


Traditionally, AutoCont annually donates a part of its funds to non-profit organisations for charity. In particular we support projects focused on the assistance to the handicapped and children. AutoCont prefers cooperation that is not opulent but practical and useful; the cooperation is mostly of a long-term character. Due to the presence of our sales offices throughout the Czech Republic, our help is focused considerably locally as well.

Examples of the long-term cooperation are as follows:

Jump into the Life

Non-profit company SKOK do života (Jump into the Life) provides high-quality services in the Hradec Králové area, making it possible for mentally handicapped to gain self-confidence, independence and responsibility so that they could regard their lives as meaningful and comparable to those of other people.

Children´s Ranch Hlučín

The Children‘s Ranch Hlučín is a hippotherapeutic and sports centre that provides interesting leisure-time activities to healthy and sick children and young people. Its wonderful idea consists in the integration of the handicapped and an arrangement of projects and games having an anti-drug and anti-crime content.

Tereza Maxová Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is a general support and assistance to disadvantaged and abandoned children to make it possible for them to live healthy and safe lives in a family environment. The foundation‘s goal is to reduce the number of children growing up in institutional care treatment in the Czech Republic.


Besides charity projects, AutoCont actively supports Czech culture. This includes particularly long-term cooperation with the National Theatre in Prague and support of particular projects, of which the last was partnership in the creation of the unique and very successful Lidice movie.

National Theatre

We have already been proud partners of the National Theatre for 11 seasons.

The National Theatre is a representative stage of the Czech Republic. It is one of the symbols of the national identity and a part of the European cultural space. It is a carrier of the national cultural heritage and space for liberal works of art. It is a living artistic organism which understands the tradition as a challenge for a constantly new solutions and as an effort to achieve the highest possible artistic quality.

„Having the tradition of more than 100-year long, the National Theatre is one of the dominant features of the national cultural values.
Since its founding, the theatre has already been inseparably liked with patrons and sponsors who have helped build and develop it. Representing one of the pillars in the sphere of sponsorship and partnership in the modern history of the theatre, AutoCont has followed this tradition. In September this year, it will be ten years since our first Mutual Cooperation Agreement with this important exclusively Czech company was made. It is a great honour for the National Theatre. Over the period of this exceptional cooperation, due to the generous support by AutoCont, we could execute many artistic plans of the National Theatre choruses and substantially improve the technical equipment of the National Theatre background, on which the demanding operation of our first stage depends. I believe that the cooperation will continue in the future to the satisfaction of both parties, including the passing on of cultural values to general public.“

PhDr. Ondřej Černý, Director of the National Theatre

The Lidice Movie

In 2010 to 2011, our company sponsored the creation of the very successful historic movie named Lidice.

The story of the village of Lidice is a story of ordinary people who by absurd happenstance came into the view of history. Based on the screenplay of Zdeňek Mahler, the winner of Sazka prize in 2007, the movie presents the tragic fate of Lidice during the Second World War from an unusual point of view. It tells the fates of Lidice residents through interpersonal relationships, love in particular, which is at the beginning of the whole story. It is an emotionally charged epic, points out seeming details that can change the course of history and trigger a tragedy. Directed by Petr Mikolaev. Starring: Karel Roden, Zuzana Bydžovská, Zuzana Fialová, Roman Luknár, Veronika Kubařová, Sabina Remundová, Marek Adamczyk, Jan Budař, Ondřej Novák and others.

„As the producer of the Lidice movie, I would like to thank to Autocont. The preparation of the movie was not easy. Many times the movie seemed as if it would not be made. Before Christmas of 2009, the movie faced a simple question: To shoot or not to shoot? At that moment, AutoCont came along and essentially decided the fate of the movie. Your help has proven that not only numbers and income statements are important to you but you also acknowledge other values. I was pleased you to help preserve, in a way, the memory of this country. The attendance has already exceeded 520,000 viewers, and responses from all generations, including young people, are superb. It is your success as well, and we all appreciate your help. We are glad you took part in it with us.“
Adam Dvořák, producer of the Lidice movie